Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Etsy Love

It's  been a really really dull and rainy week so far.  Who am I kidding it has been an enormously rainy summer in Georgia!  Which got me surfing all over the web in between playing rounds of Thomas the Train and "I'm gonna get you!" with the baby. 
So you know how it goes, I am searching for a baby gift on Etsy for a friend and one thing leads to another and 5 hours pass! However, I did find some crazy cool things on Etsy, and maybe even a gift. This is what I am wanting or just down right curious about now!

Starting Clockwise
Eco-Friendly Beauty Kimono Robes: Hello Sunday! I would want to live in these over the weekend.  Loving the color options.  Best yet they are made in Turkey from people who know a good thread count towel!
Engelfelt Organic French Lavender Wands: Not only do these look amazing, but imagine this hanging in your closet scenting your linens!  The creator only makes these wands from Organic Long-Stem French Lavender.  Ooh La La!
SalemHausSoapCo Premium Hair Chalk: Imagine highlighting your hair without damaging it. These safe non-toxic colors will have you experimenting for days.
Eco Soap Nuts Organic All Natural Laundry Soap Nuts: So super curious about this one.  The benefits go on and on- fragrance free, hypoallergenic, eco friendly, biodegradable to name a few.  These certified organic berries will make you want to throw in a load.
Gypsy Soul Organics Mamas Moonshine Aromatherapy Potion: The description says it all, "inspires romance, strengthens femininity". Sold.
Kate Broughton Cocktail Nail Transfers: Why not show up to your next happy hour with these! Art at it's best.

Now I know what you are thinking. Really unique beautiful gifts, but probably not for baby. Well check this out.....
Gorgeous hand crafted gifts from Irish Hooks and Yarn
I know...almost makes you want to have a baby boy!  Irish Hooks & Yarn makes stunning hand-crocheted clothing and accessories.  The owner is amazing in helping you make the perfect selection if you need a specific order like me!
Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta