Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Review of Wine for the Summer
The kids are already out of school here in the South. They have been out for 3 days to be exact. 3 long days of parks, pools, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, blah, blah, blah.... When do they go back again?  
Every summer I say that I will be more organized, more prepared, but that first day off hits you like a ton of bricks! I realized over those 3 unusually long days that I am not only a caretaker, but a short order cook, nurse, and entertainment director. I feel like I run a cruise ship of fun with several small stops along the way. 
Next week will be different (god willing) when camp starts. Then I will just have to hear them complain about the Math Camp I signed them up for. (Again, not prepared and all the good camps were taken when I finally signed them up). They think it's "fun" camp, but numbers are fun right??
Cheap Rose and Sauvignon Blanc for Summer
So to get myself and everyone else out there through these long days of summer, let's "wine" about it shall we? 

Here are some awesome "cheap" wine finds that have been tried and tested and are sure to make even a Math Camp seem interesting.
Delicious Light Summer Rose
What inspired me (as if I need a push to try wine) was this article in Women's Health. Not only are the wines featured "Summery" they are also CHEAP, and who doesn't love that. I love a good Pinot Noir, but summer to me screams White or Rose wines. I chose a couple of each and am sharing my findings with you.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Artichoke and Prosciutto Pizza on the Grill

Not your Usual Holiday BBQ...How about an Artichoke Prosciutto Pizza?

Are you looking for something new to BBQ than the usual Chicken and Burgers?  Wondering what to do with those beautiful artichokes that are at the Farmers Market? How about an Artichoke Pizza on the BBQ?

Homemade pizza on the BBQ

You can add just about anything to this pizza to make it how you like it, but since artichokes are in season and I happen to have a bush in my yard with a ton of artichokes that is what is on the menu today!  
The ingredients are simple and it only takes about 20 minutes to make the whole thing.  Now lets get started…

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Schools Out For Summer!

Favorite Teacher Quotes
 In a time when teaching seems to be one of the most dangerous, thankless, and selfless jobs out there, I find it a most fitting quote. As the school year wraps up, and another year can be successfully marked with the passing from one grade to the next, let's remember the hero's, the purveyors of knowledge and wisdom! Let's take a moment to say Thank You!

Listen to the stories of teachers and you will find out how they risked their lives to distract and safely protect their class from an intruder, or how they sheltered children with their own bodies during a tornado, or something as simple as wiping away a tear from a nervous kindergartener on their first day. 

We should be grateful for their amazing talents that extend beyond textbooks and tests, beyond district plans and report cards.

So as these final weeks of school wrap up and the bell rings one final time, take a moment to make sure you let that teacher know that you are thankful that they were your child's home away from home.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Healthy and Natural Fruit and Citrus Flavored Water

It's Beauty Monday!  I love how we can take a boring case of the Monday's right off your plate by adding fun Beauty tips for you to try this week.  At least that is what is getting me through today!! 

Tulips Apothecary drinks flavored water

As I have been sharing with all of you beauties, I am currently in the throes of a diet and exercise plan with the Hub's.  I have been so hot and cold with the exercise thing these last few years.  I go a few months hard core into the program and then I get bored, and I am cold turkey off of it on the couch with a bag of cinnamon pita chips and a Bravo reality show.  I don't know why it happens, but the good thing is that right now is bathing suit season and I am on it! 

Fruit and Citrus Flavored Water Ingredients
One constant I do have whether I am a good girl at the gym, or a sloth at home on the couch is drinking water.  Not only is it imperative to a good healthy exercise routine, but it is crucial in just generally looking good.  

People that drink the recommended daily water intake have better looking skin, look more youthful, have less bloat (means skinny ladies!), and have more energy!  Did you know your body is made up of 70% water and your brain is about 90% water?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Morning Gorgeous!

A morning without coffee in my house is a day not worth waking up to. It starts the same way everyday....grab the babbling baby from the crib (who we hear off and on from 4:30a.m.), make our way to the kitchen, fumble for the light switch, give the now screaming baby a bottle, and turn on the coffee pot! Only then do you realize that to enjoy that cup of coffee you need to make lunches, wake up remaining kids, make 3 different breakfasts, break up a fight, pick up cereal that was thrown on the floor, and shuffle kids upstairs to get ready for school.
Lip Balm Tin by Tulips Apothecary

Monday, May 13, 2013

At Home Facials...if you dare!

The sun is shining, Spring is in full swing , and after a long weekend outside in the heat I need to change up my routine! Now I know many parts of the country are not feeling rather "springy", but whether your neck of the woods is hot, cool, windy or downright cold the season changes can reek havoc on your skin.  
For me break-outs seem to occur more in the Spring/Summer months. Whether I am outside walking the dogs (I know she looks real athletic), or working out with the Hub's the combination of sweat and sunscreen is a recipe for disaster.

Cute Beagle trying to catch a nap
It's time to bring out your gorgeous inner glow with a at-home facial party.  So here are my seven steps to the perfect at home facial.  Join me!
1. Get Ready:   Gather the necessary supplies so that you don't have to run around your bathroom with a mask dripping off of your face looking for your next ingredient.  Some must have's for me are a nice thick terry headband to keep my bangs off of my face, a couple of hand towels, a chair or even throw a soft towel over the side of your bath tub as your going to want somewhere to sit and relax, light a few candles, and turn on your favorite music.  I love some Sara Bareilles during my beauty nights!
Lip Scrub and Pucker Pots from Tulips Apothecary
Coming Soon-Sweet and Sour Pucker Pack
 2.  Cleanse:  Take off all of your makeup.  I like to start with some olive oil to get all the eye makeup off first, it works like a charm and starts to soften up the skin around my eyes.  Simply put a few drops on a cotton ball or square and gently wipe your eyes.  Next use warm water and a very mild cleanser like Cetaphil.  There are obviously more "exciting" cleansers out there, but my sister and I have used this stuff since the 80's!  There are tons of DIY cleansers also.  If you prefer a more natural way, I have been using the Oil Cleansing Method and have had quite a bit of luck.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and blot dry with a soft clean towel.
Sugar Scrun Cubes from Tulips Apothecary

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day Lavender Blackberry Scones & Such

Mother's Day weekend is here, maybe you're entertaining or maybe you are like me and told the husband to remove the tiny, loud, demanding people from the house early on Mother's Day.  Regardless pop these in the oven to perk up any day.
Now I've never made scones in my life. Once I bought the kind that you pop out of the cylinder tin and quickly throw in the oven, before your husband wakes up to the screaming kids, so he thinks that you are like an incredible baker person. Sometimes, I'll even pick one up at Starbucks when I need a coffee that makes me shake, but only if it has gobs of that fake frosting on it. I eat the frosting and give the kids the rest, but today and today only I will bake my scones from scratch!
Blackberies straight from the Market
The inspiration for my scones from scratch comes from Joy the Baker. We mentioned her the other day, but I truly like her recipes because they make sense and are not all that fussy. I really wanted to try these because of the dried lavender ingredient.  I wanted the house to smell of "calm" baked goods all at once.  The process was really quite simple, quick enough to whip out before school let kid #1 out,  good 'ole #2 was engrossed in the ipad and #3 napped.
There was some sifting and some cutting the butter into the flour, which I enjoyed. Nice and squishy. Then, there was some rolling which I was concerned about. The Whole Foods really expensive blackberries were getting squished!  Then and only then did I think that this was a FLOP.
Everything you need to make homemade lavender blackberry scones

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are you still looking for Mother's Day ideas? Let Tulip's help!

Still searching for what to do or what to buy for the big mama's weekend?  Here are some of our favorites from around the web…good luck and oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

We're Going Nude...

Take a step back girls, were going back to nude!  With all the crazy over the top trends of the last year I can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the spring fashion shows are going nude!  What? What's that you say?  Nude?  Yes, Nude.  Alexander WangRag & Bone, and Zac Posen are all showing nude.Now don't get all excited, were speaking of nails here!  Natural, neutral, and in some cases Au Naturale!  The spring fashion shows are showing beige, greys, nudes, clear and I'm even scared to say it...pearl-essence.....gasp!  In the May issue of Vogue, an article on this very subject calls out "Make Nude Nails Chic". 
Nude Nails are the spring trend for 2013
So I decided to give it a try.  The one important factor to keep in mind when going in this direction is length.  The point here is to keep the focus on you, not your nails.  Keep them on the shorter side and perfectly groomed.  The goal is to create an elongated finger, so nail, cuticle, and skin prep is key. If your not quite sold on the trend you can always add the attention to your toes with a more vibrant pedicure.  Another fun idea is to add an accent nail if you can't quite commit to the more demure look of the natural mani.  Use one finger on each hand and create a design such as a flower or add a diamond to the nail over the natural color.  Or, you may even look to create your own version of the French Manicure with the new nudes.

Friday, May 3, 2013

DIY "Skinny" Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Welcome to the weekend..... and better yet welcome to Cinco de Mayo weekend!  The best part is since it falls on Sunday, you have my permission to have a weekend long fiesta!

I am looking to start my weekend out with a cocktail.  One of my favorites is the classic margarita and being from California, I have had my fair share of them.  One of my favorites is the Cadillac Margarita!  One problemo...the Hubs and I are on a strict, no fun, virtually no calorie, feel like I may DIE from hunger fitness plan.  

Apparently, when you turn thirty-ish it all goes downhill and fast.  So no Cadillac's here, but possibly something more along the lines of a Prius Margarita, light and more efficient!  
So ladies, I am in luck as this new "Skinny Girl" craze is in full swing.  Now, you can go to the store and purchase our good friend Bethenny Frankel's super delicious Skinny Girl Margaritaor you can make your own.  The best part of making your own is that you can add more tequila than necessary when no one is looking!  Well without ado here is my absolute fav DIY Skinny "Lady" Margarita (it's even approved by the Hubs, a.k.a The Dictator of Diet…ugh!)