Who Are We?

This is us...

Amanda                               Nicole

...well it was.  Never mind the completely matching outfits, or the fact that they are both botanical prints pulled up way too high.  Never mind the bangs that start way too far back. Never mind the fact that we are way too delighted to see Minnie at our ages. Underneath all the geeky pubescent  layers we are beauty divas! Well....maybe.

Meet Amanda: 
Hi, Amanda here.  I'm the older, more mature, better looking, business savvy sister.  Just kidding...well, I am older!  I am actually the complete opposite of Nicole.  Married and dated my husband for 8 years before I married him (I wanted to be sure...you know?), no kids, work too much so I can make someone else rich, and a Left Coaster.  I am the conservative of the two, I am the trendy one of the two, I am the introvert.  I die for beauty products and will buy anything that a friend, a magazine, or an infomercial tells me will work (um...hello Ped-egg and Turbie Twist...you know you have tried them).  I will try anything once and I have a bathroom full of "stuff" to prove it.  I am a reality TV junkie, love to go shopping, a foodie, a great wine lover, traveler, and an animal lover (I have two amazingly cute Beagles!!).

Meet Nicole: 
This is Nicole. I am the younger, better looking, "Loose Cannon" (as my sister would say) of the two. I have done many crazy things, traveled to many crazy places and generally been more crazy than my buttoned up sister! I am married to an equally crazy man and have three wild little girls. I am a teacher (just on a super long maternity leave as I like to call it), world traveler, sweet addict, newly transplanted Southerner, Margarita lover and runner (on non-margarita days). I am SO not a shopper but when I find a product I love I am completely loyal to it. I don't even own a lipstick, but have stashes of my obsession-balms and glosses.  I despise wrist watches, large diaper bags and overly fragranced products!

The Ying and Yang makes us the best at researching products that everyone will love.

Love and Tulips,

Amanda & Nicole