Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Beauy Test Tube-We Review the January Tube

New BEauty Test Tube in a box
Super Pretty Hot Pink packaging-I couldn't wait to open it!
I'm totally in LOVE.... L. O. V. E.  Both Nicole and I are totally obsessed with subscription boxes.  We have been doing our own thing with Tulips Apothecary, filling orders for boxes with other companies and we finally decided, we need a reward!  You probably read Nicole's previous review of Birchbox, but I have a better one.  I won the Beauty Box lottery!!
Monthly Beauty Box
New Beauty Test Tube Box
New Beauty Test Tube is a monthly subscription and comes with a quarterly magazine subscription.  It is $29.99 a tube and totally worth it.  My box arrived in all of it's hot pink glory, how could you not get excited for that?  In it, I received the actual test tube filled with products, a small travel pouch filled with a few more travel sized products and a paper pamphlet explaining everything including where I could purchase.

This is the pamphlet that explained everything in the Test Tube. 
The pamphlet not only explained all the products, but it told you a little about each company and what professionals thought of each item.  That is one of the best things about New Beauty.  They are all about professionals rating the products rather than advertising money.
Beauty Blooger Monthly Boxes
These are the products that came in the Test Tube

Test Tube
This is the actual Test Tube and most of the products came packaged inside.

Votivo full size candle in Red Currant.  I love all candles, this one is perfect right in the bathroom.  I have it on my vanity and it smells amazing without even being lit.

Biosilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder.  I am not a huge fan of dry shampoo, but this one did what it said it would do.  I would use this one because it leaves your hair shiny which most dry shampoos do not do.  I did not however, like that after a few hours my roots felt a bit gooey. 

Pantene Expert Collection Pro V Advanced + Keratin Repair.  Loved the shampoo, it left my hair super soft and I didn't need to use my straightener after I used the blow dryer.  I am stuck on my It's a 10 hair mask as a conditioner so it's really hard for me to like any other conditioner.

Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner.  This is the best, my second favorite in the Tube.  I received a full sized liner, the color is a very vibrant navy blue and it stayed put all day long.  It looks great with brown eyes.  I will be purchasing this again and likely exploring other Mally products.

Moroccanoil Body Butter.  One word...OMG!  This stuff is from the God's and considering I make my own body lotion, that is saying a lot.  It smells amazing and glides on without feeling greasy or heavy.  I just finished the small 1.6 ounce container and I am literally crying.  I have already ordered a full sized version.

Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler.  It goes on smoothly when applied to surface wrinkles.  I have been using around my eyes and between my brows.  It seems to smooth out the skin but if you are dry, this may not work.   I am always skeptical of these topical wrinkle remedies, so you will have to try it yourself as I am not sold.

June Jacobs Papaya Purifying Enzyme Masque.  I have not tried this one yet, but there are good on line reviews and it is an all natural product, so right up my alley.
New Beauty January Box

This is the Beauty To-Go pouch.  It contained Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer and Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads neither of which I have tried.  The one I liked is Lumene Time Freeze Firming Day Cream.  I have been using it for the last week and I really like it.  It is all natural and leaves no greasy residue.  It has kept my skin soft even though it is winter and it is not heavy.  There is an SPF of 15 as well.  The only con for this one is that it has no fragrance in it so it doesn't smell bad but it's not like other products that have a heavy fragrance.
Monthly Beauty Boxes
I couldn't be more happy with my purchase!  I also can't wait for the February box to arrive.

Love and Tulips,

Amanda from Irvine

Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Style Essentials-Finally a Blouse that fits!

I am a girl that loves a uniform.  Not like a mail man or a bus driver, but a go to outfit.  I have one for the summer and one for the winter.  I use accessories to keep on trend, but usually never stray too far.

 For summer, it's a tank top and jeans.  Flip flops for day and heels for night.

My summer uniform, Jeans and a Tank
How cute are they!  You can't go wrong with this look, simple and sexy.

For winter, it's a button down and jeans.  Ballet flats for day and boots for night.

Jeans and a blazer, my go to look
She is seriously gorgeous

 (I also may have a small obsession with Jennifer Aniston's style... can you tell?)

My biggest issue with this look is that a button down is almost impossible to find that fits me correctly.  They are either way too tight in the bust and the buttons pull, pop or just don't button at all.  Or, it fits my bust and everything else is huge and baggy, which makes a girl with big boobs just look fat.

Thankfully, my problems are solved.  In Style magazine has created In Style Essentials.  It's a line of three specially designed button down blouses that are sized by your bra size rather than traditional sizing methods.  They are only available on-line, so I ordered one and I absolutely love it!!