Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have You Been To The Farmers Market Lately?

 I was forced into a few days of "singledom" this past weekend and was looking to fill some time.  I flipped through my latest issue of Orange Coast Magazine and discovered they were talking about Farmers' markets in Orange County, CA!  What better way to fill my time than looking at some beautiful flowers and produce!
Farmers Market at the Great Park
When was the last time you have been to one?  It's been a while for me, especially since my nearby grocery stores have such amazing offerings of organic produce.  Boy have they changed...I could have spent all day browsing the stalls.  I mean there are, of course, the usual farmers hawking.  The usual freshest produce was there, but there was also jewelry designers, soap makers, artists, fish vendors, and even hot air balloons!
Hot Air Balloon Rides in Orange County

As I entered the market I was greeted by that BIG orange hot air balloon. That, might I add, was offering rides All Day Long!  I walked the stalls of the farmers and took inventory of what was available. 
I was looking to get some good stuff for juicing, and I found gorgeous kale, apples, and nice sized lemons...good stuff!  It will make some amazing juices to pep me up after a very hot morning of walking!

I found one particular vendor (full of very attractive guys!!) selling beautiful figs.  They smelled amazing, so I scooped them up, and a few other fruits.  Don't you love a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter?  Even if you know you can't physically eat them all.
Once I got to the end of the market, I had an Oprah "Aha Moment!"  I discovered a whole line of food trucks!  They may be my most favorite way to eat right now.  Wood-fired pizza, shaved ice, South American cuisine, tamales, and Raw Food trucks. 
At another end were the market vendors.  I checked out the soap lady!  I couldn't pass up the bath and body stuff!  She was awesome  Beautiful soaps all hand crafted and at a good price-$4.95 a bar.  I chose one named Casablanca and it has a very sexy scent.  She is there every week in the same spot at the end of the row.  Look for Kadari Soaps (she doesn't yet have a website, but if your into soaps you can find her very soon at  The score of the trip was finding Natures Pet Cuisine.  I am a sucker for my two Beagles and was stoked to find totally natural dog food and supplies.  I ended up with a small bag of food, and this awesome "bone" for my big girl.  The "bone" is actually a naturally shed antler.  My pooch went crazy for it!
Kadari Soaps available at the Orange County Farmers Market
Needless to say I had to share my experience and recommend checking out your local markets.  There are so many websites available to get you to your own farmers' markets.  Oh, and you don't even need cash anymore-they all take credit cards!!
Summer is almost over, so take advantage of the last few weeks to get some local organic produce!  I bet you will find some other fun magical offerings as well.

Love and Tulips,

Amanda from Irvine