Thursday, May 16, 2013

Good Morning Gorgeous!

A morning without coffee in my house is a day not worth waking up to. It starts the same way everyday....grab the babbling baby from the crib (who we hear off and on from 4:30a.m.), make our way to the kitchen, fumble for the light switch, give the now screaming baby a bottle, and turn on the coffee pot! Only then do you realize that to enjoy that cup of coffee you need to make lunches, wake up remaining kids, make 3 different breakfasts, break up a fight, pick up cereal that was thrown on the floor, and shuffle kids upstairs to get ready for school.
Lip Balm Tin by Tulips Apothecary

Sometimes the best I can do early on is grab my Latte My Lips Pucker Pot and pretend like I am relaxing with a cup. I particularly love the simplicity of this Pucker Pot. We start with Yellow Beeswax,  Pure Natural Cocoa Butter, which in itself smells amazing, and Sweet Almond Oil.  We then found the perfect Cold Pressed Pure Coffee Essential Oil. It's warming smell is invigorating and has been known to combat depression, respiratory issues, stings, fevers even nausea! I'm fine with just the amazing
 Freshly made lip pucker pots
Tulips is offering this Pucker Pot solo or in our new Good Morning Gorgeous gift pack.  If you have not checked out our new products stop on by our Etsy store to see what else is brewing besides our luxurious lip balms.  Good Morning Gorgeous contains a 8oz. Coffee Body Scrub, an 8oz. Whipped Body Butter and of course the Latte My Lips Pucker Pot.
Latte My Lips Pucker Pot  

Each Scrub is made from the most natural ingredients. Our Coffee Body scrub has coursly ground organic/fair trade coffee, sugar, and raw honey to ensure an invigorating yet soothing exfoliation and since this one is made with coffee you get the added benefits that the coffee brings. Coffee is said to increase blood flow to problem areas of the body. Use it in those "problem areas" to increase blood flow and give your skin a smoother finish.

Fresh Body Scrubs with organic fair trade coffee and sugar
Our Whipped Cocoa Body Butter is one of the most moisturizing butters available. The ingredients include cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and beeswax. There is no added fragrance or coloring to this butter. The smell will awaken your senses, which we all need in the groggy early hours of the morning.
What a great treat for any coffee lover or yourself!
Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta