Monday, May 13, 2013

At Home Facials...if you dare!

The sun is shining, Spring is in full swing , and after a long weekend outside in the heat I need to change up my routine! Now I know many parts of the country are not feeling rather "springy", but whether your neck of the woods is hot, cool, windy or downright cold the season changes can reek havoc on your skin.  
For me break-outs seem to occur more in the Spring/Summer months. Whether I am outside walking the dogs (I know she looks real athletic), or working out with the Hub's the combination of sweat and sunscreen is a recipe for disaster.

Cute Beagle trying to catch a nap
It's time to bring out your gorgeous inner glow with a at-home facial party.  So here are my seven steps to the perfect at home facial.  Join me!
1. Get Ready:   Gather the necessary supplies so that you don't have to run around your bathroom with a mask dripping off of your face looking for your next ingredient.  Some must have's for me are a nice thick terry headband to keep my bangs off of my face, a couple of hand towels, a chair or even throw a soft towel over the side of your bath tub as your going to want somewhere to sit and relax, light a few candles, and turn on your favorite music.  I love some Sara Bareilles during my beauty nights!
Lip Scrub and Pucker Pots from Tulips Apothecary
Coming Soon-Sweet and Sour Pucker Pack
 2.  Cleanse:  Take off all of your makeup.  I like to start with some olive oil to get all the eye makeup off first, it works like a charm and starts to soften up the skin around my eyes.  Simply put a few drops on a cotton ball or square and gently wipe your eyes.  Next use warm water and a very mild cleanser like Cetaphil.  There are obviously more "exciting" cleansers out there, but my sister and I have used this stuff since the 80's!  There are tons of DIY cleansers also.  If you prefer a more natural way, I have been using the Oil Cleansing Method and have had quite a bit of luck.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly and blot dry with a soft clean towel.
Sugar Scrun Cubes from Tulips Apothecary

3.  Exfoliate:  Here is the fun part for me because it is the step that makes the difference and feels the best!  You have a few options here and it all really depends on your preferences.  A facial exfoliator should be gentle, so be very careful with your choices.  I prefer to make my own that way I know exactly what is going onto my skin.  Here at Tulip's Apothecary we recently launched our line of Scrubs on Etsy.  Right now you can purchase our Citrus Grove Sugar Cube Exfoliator which is a gentle sugar scrub good for face, lips and body with an amazing pink grapefruit fragrance from essential oils.  We are also offering a Coconut Lip Scrub that is so gentle that it can also be used on your entire face and the best part, it's totally edible (I may have sampled it when it was in the test phase??? We do anything here at Tulip's!).  Make sure to check Etsy over the next week as several more scrubs are coming out including a Dry Ginger Scrub and a Coffee Scrub.  Apply the scrub to your face with your hands and again very gently rub into your skin in circular motions, you want to increase circulation which increases blood flow to the skin creating that gorgeous glow.  Use a clean washcloth to wash the scrub off of your face.  Again pat dry with your towel.
Pucker Pack from Tulips Apothecary
Citrus Grove Sugar Scrub Cubes
4.  Tone:  While your pores are at their cleanest, use a toner to restore your skins PH levels.  I like to use a mix of Witch Hazel which is a natural antiseptic and Rose Water to boost circulation, both of which are available at your local grocery store or natural foods store.  Use one part Witch Hazel to two parts Rose Water, dip a cotton ball or natural cleansing pad into the mixture and sweep across your face and don't forget your jawline and neck.
Coconut Lip Scrub with two Pucker Packs available from Tulips Apothecary
5.  Steam:  We now want to open those pores even more so we can get a deep clean from our mask in the next step.  Some people use water in a pan over the stove however to me it is a bit dangerous as they suggest putting a towel over your face while leaning over a boiling pot in your kitchen…weird?  I like to run hot water in my bathroom sink and using a towel keep about 8-12 inches from the water.  Lay a towel over your head to capture the steam.  Be very careful here, if you feel lightheaded or the steam is too much skip this step.
Pucker Pot Lip Balm from Tulips Apothecary on Etsy
6.  Mask:  Now you get to relax!  Find a mask that is right for your skin type.  I am a combination (nice word for oily and dry at the same time, Lucky Me!). Store bought masks are very effective just find one you like, or try out my own recipe below.  We are looking to dry out any remaining impurities, get rid of any remaining dead skin cells and add some moisture.  You can apply the mask with your fingers or a brush.  Beauty supply stores sell brushes made specifically for applying a facial mask and make quick work of applying the mask.  Once applied, lay some cucumber slices or freshly steeped tea bags over your eyes and lay down.  Enjoy a few uninterrupted moments of bliss!
Here is the mask that I like to use:
2 tbsp Rose Water
2 tbsp room temperature natural organic yogurt
1 tbsp slightly warmed organic raw honey
Mix everything in a small bowl and apply to face for about 10 minutes
Pucker Pot available on Etsy from Tulips Apothecary
7Moisturize:  Last and quite possibly the most important step in any skin care routine.  Use your favorite kind and gently massage it into your skin until absorbed.  If your going out for the day be sure to add sunscreen prior to moisturizing or use a moisturizer that has sunscreen already in it.  If your going right to sleep be sure to use a thicker more moisturizing formula to help skin restore and repair while you sleep.  Don't forget your neck and also those lips.  

How could we here at Tulip's not mention your lips?  If you are going out for the day, be sure to use our Sun Protection Pucker Pot with an SPF of 15, if your in for the night, use our Aloe Vera Pucker Pot (Right now my favorite!) or our Refresh Pucker Pot.  The best part is that the Sun Protection Balm, Aloe Vera Balm and the above mentioned Coconut Exfoliating Scrub is available on our Etsy site as a combo pack, California Dreaming Pucker Pack.  Order one for yourself and create this facial/spa experience for yourself.  Mention (in the notes section on Etsy) that you are ordering because of this Blog post and we will refund you 10% of your purchase price! 

Hope you feel relaxed and refreshed from all that work and I hope it was a bit of fun.  Spa day at my house is a weekly event…sometimes it's a facial, sometimes it's a mani/pedi's, sometimes it's a hair mask.  Choose what you like and create a relaxing experience for yourself or invite some of the girls over for a fun spa experience together.

Love and Tulips,

Amanda from Irvine