Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!

So the kids are off from school for Thanksgiving break.....  You need an action plan and FAST to keep them busy.  I have three little ones that will be at my tail if I don't have something prepared.  Check out these simple crafts to keep them going all week long.
Make your own Thanksgiving menus
The folks over at paper & glitter are offering this super cute printable Thanksgiving kit.  It comes with enough printable activities to decorate a kids Thanksgiving table.  As well as printable menus that you can personalize and your kids can decorate! And it's FREE!
Kids Thanksgiving placemats
My sister's suitcase has an adorable printable place mat.  This would be perfect on your kids table with a little box of new crayons for each guest.
DIY Kids Thanksgiving beaded napkin rings
This is one of my favs! So doing this tomorrow.  Gather some "fallish" colored beads & wire.  Your kids can string them up to hold your Thanksgiving table napkins.  Buggy and Buddy have this tutorial, as well as some other easy fun fall crafts!
Kids Pinecone Crafts
Super simple, not a lot of materials, but your kiddos can make entire turkey family!
a pumpkin & a princess gave life to these two pinecone turkeys.  If you don't have feathers on hand...substitute with some fall leaves!
Kids mini Teepee crafts
Make and Takes has this cool paper teepee decoration.  I could see my kids getting way into this and wanting to create a whole village.  This is super simple and only requires an adult for the final step, which is hot gluing.
Tumbprint Turkeys
This last one is so simple, but I love the idea! Fingerprint turkeys!!! Throw out a few washable stamp pads and let them create 'thumb" artwork. You could do this and have a contest on who can create the fluffiest looking turkey. Cards by CG had this cute little project.  
Whatever project inspires you, make sure everything is kid friendly and non-toxic....because in my case two will be doing the craft and one will be trying to eat everything on the craft table!
Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta