Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Patchouli & Sweet Orange Linen and Room Spray

Your mood can change on scent alone.  I know at least mine does. I, like many, love and need the warming smell of coffee in the morning in order to get in any kind of mood.  A lot of us gravitate toward fresh, clean, floral or ocean scents in the summer and warm, inviting, rich scents in the winter.  
Unless you are my husband who when asked what scents enhance his mood he replied- pine trees, grass and bourbon.....typical.  Luckily here in North Georgia we have plenty of pine trees to spare.
Sweet smell of Georgia Pines
Tulips Apothecary has an amazing new linen and room spray that will turn any mood your in into sheer bliss. Imagine black pepper, patchouli and sweet orange essential oils.......
Black Pepper and Patchouli Linen Spray

This clean scent is an immediate stress lifter and relax inducer. Spray this linen and room spray anywhere you need a little inner peace. Whether you use it on your pillows at night or a garment during the day you will love the inviting patchouli calmed by the smell of sweet oranges.
The best part of this product is that it can be used as an all over room spray in any area of your home.  Upon researching the use of natural products for the home I came upon the dangers of using synthetic air fresheners.  While a lot of these name brand products smell great, what is added to them can be downright dangerous.
Sweet Oranges are used on Linen Spray
With ingredients including the likes of methoxychlor, paradichlorobenzene and phatalates we all should be more aware of what we are spraying around our homes. These ingredients have been know to cause cancers, leukemias and even certain birth defects.
Livestrong has a great article that emphasizes the health risks associated with scented plug-ins and fragranced room sprays.
Why not feel certain that what you are spraying in your home is not harmful to the people and pets that live in it.

Try our 3oz. Linen and Room Spray for $6 at Tulips Apothecary's Etsy Store. With Black Pepper, Patchouli and Sweet Orange Essential Oils.

Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta