Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beauty Protector Ultimate Hair Oil

Protect & Oil Hair Oil
Had to gush about this amazing product for a minute! This is another great find from Birchbox, specifically it came in my February box. Beauty Protector, which is Birchbox's best selling brand, Protect & Oil Argan Hair Serum.

 It's is not what your thinking.  You will not look like a Grecian salad after applying. It is super soft and instantly smooths and shines hair.  The first thing I love about this product is the smell. I have read reviews that say it's scent is vanilla-ish, however I instantly think of cotton candy. Regardless, it's an amazing smell! 
I have tried it on both on wet and dry hair and have been impressed with the outcome. It takes dry ends and softens them. Your hair glistens and is more manageable. The sample size I had lasted forever so a little goes a long way. On wet hair work this product through your hair just as you would a gel or mousse. On dry hair run it through just your tips. It protects against UV rays and heat damage. Believe me I have oily hair and this product does not want to make you run to the shower. It leaves hair looking healthy and clean.
It is available to Birchbox customers only for $24.95, so get on board. Subscriptions are not as expensive as you think and Birchbox has great full size beauty product offers for their customers.
Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle
Not only have I placed an order for more, I am also getting these beauties! Beauty Protector Shampoo/Conditioner/Detangler combo. I am particularly excited about this for the Detangler. I have been using Detangler on all 3 of my girls, but have not found a "natural" product that works. I love to spray on Detangler after the pool and before they take their baths. This makes my job easier. The reviews say the smell of these products are enough to buy them! Who doesn't love a good long lasting hair smell.

Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta