Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Style Essentials-Finally a Blouse that fits!

I am a girl that loves a uniform.  Not like a mail man or a bus driver, but a go to outfit.  I have one for the summer and one for the winter.  I use accessories to keep on trend, but usually never stray too far.

 For summer, it's a tank top and jeans.  Flip flops for day and heels for night.

My summer uniform, Jeans and a Tank
How cute are they!  You can't go wrong with this look, simple and sexy.

For winter, it's a button down and jeans.  Ballet flats for day and boots for night.

Jeans and a blazer, my go to look
She is seriously gorgeous

 (I also may have a small obsession with Jennifer Aniston's style... can you tell?)

My biggest issue with this look is that a button down is almost impossible to find that fits me correctly.  They are either way too tight in the bust and the buttons pull, pop or just don't button at all.  Or, it fits my bust and everything else is huge and baggy, which makes a girl with big boobs just look fat.

Thankfully, my problems are solved.  In Style magazine has created In Style Essentials.  It's a line of three specially designed button down blouses that are sized by your bra size rather than traditional sizing methods.  They are only available on-line, so I ordered one and I absolutely love it!!

It comes packaged in red tissue paper with a postcard insert explaining the features and benefits of all three styles.

In Style Essentials with Bra Sizing

Classic Button Front Shirt

This is the Classic Button Front and retails for $59.99.  This is the one that I purchased.  I ordered in my exact bra size and it fits like a glove and hugs all your curves.  It tucks into slacks perfectly and looks great un-tucked with denim.  It's a pretty versatile shirt.
Tuxedo Button Front Shirt

This is the Tuxedo Shirt and retails for $69.99.  It looks really cute with a pencil skirt.  I could also see it paired with a chic blazer and jeans.
Casual Weekend Tunic

This is the Weekend Tunic and retails for $59.99.  This one is my next purchase, it looks so comfy.  I would probably pair it with a long chain, leggings and boots.  I love the relaxed fit and the casual collar.
You can get all three for $140, which saves you $40.  All three are available in sizes from 32 to 40 and cup sizes A through H.  I ordered my exact size and it fits perfectly so it's very true to size.

My only only comes in white.  I love mine so much that I need another color!

Love and Tulips,

Amanda from Irvine