Monday, August 12, 2013

Summers Gone Baby Gone!

Whose to say Spring is for new beginnings! Fall is a time to relax from the roller coaster of summer.  Summer to me is stressful.  Have I done everything I wanted with the kids? Did I make meaningful memories? Have we swam enough, got bitten by mosquitoes enough, did we savor the late nights and embrace spending time with family and friends that don't live so close?....
I have no idea, but I am exhausted.
Today was the first day of school here in Georgia.  I can tell you that the silence was deafening in my house, and the baby took an absurdly long nap. 

I prepared a Kindergartener for her first day and I did nothing with my first grader since she is in First Grade and knows it ALL.  I tried to be really sad and in a way I was. 
I remembered the long haul of getting them to be the people they are today.  I remember bringing them home from the hospital and being utterly confused and unconfident in my abilities.  I remember nursery rhymes sung, books read, play dates exhausted, diapers changed, toilet training nightmares, and tears shed (by me of course). 
 Today I dropped them off with confidence, then looked at my 1 1/2 year old and said, "Let's have a cup of coffee and take a nap!"  She agreed.
So let's take on Fall with a freshness and vitality.  Fall should be about the rebirth of yourself from the long summer.  Tulips Apothecary is taking on a new look, are you?  We are in the process of changing our blog and looking more "adult". (Well really we just got sick of it). New looks are always in style!  So take a breather from summers stifling air, and if you live in GA wait a couple more months! 
They look refreshed, I need of caffeine 
Love and Tulips,

Nicole from Alpharetta