Monday, July 8, 2013

Watermelon Facial Toner with Skin Clearing Witch Hazel

Use Fresh Watermelon to make a facial toner
Left with lots of watermelon from the Fourth of July?
I certainly was, which is why I made this amazing concoction of skin-boosting vitamins for my face.  Watermelon naturally contains high amounts of vitamins A, B, and C.  Combine this with the strong anti-oxidant and astringent  properties of Witch Hazel and you have the perfect skin clearing toner.Homemade Watermelon Facial Toner

Witch hazel in itself is amazing, truly! Many skin care products that fight acne contain witch hazel hydrosol (flower water) because of its astringent properties.  It has natural anti-inflammatory attributes as well which, get this, can reduce puffiness around the eyes!!!  I was sold. I may buy a case of witch hazel!  I immediately made this simple toner with the inspiration from my new favorite magazine The Herb Quarterly.  I know, I know it sounds well a little geeky.  Trust me super great read with lots of natural remedies and recipes.  The Summer 2013 edition had this great idea of combining summer fruits to help beautify the skin.

So all you need are three things.......
Fresh Organic Watermelon Juice
Witch Hazel (preferably synthetic alcohol-free)
Distilled or Boiled Water

All you need to do are three things.......
Scoop fresh watermelon flesh into blender puree then strain seeds into measuring cup.
Boil and cool water, or use bottled distilled water, and place in another measuring cup.
Line up some clean bottles.  Add equal parts of all 3 ingredients to bottle. (1/3 watermelon puree, 1/3 water, 1/3 Witch Hazel). Cap up and lightly shake.

Voila! You have a most perfect toner that is great first thing in the morning, after sun exposure and/or before bed to help your face look brighter, tighter and not PUFFY!
Use Watermelon Facial Toner for Puffy Eyes
Not only does it look beautiful, but it has serious nutrients for your stressed summer skin.  Best part is these can be stored and used for up to a year.  Now when you look for witch hazel beware of products that are cut with synthetic alcohol, not the kind you drink:(.  A lot of generic witch hazel has this.  Thayers is a good brand of witch hazel that does contain natural alcohol in it's product, which is good, but also not the kind you drink:(  You can also get Thayers alcohol-free among flavors like lavender, lemon and rose witch hazel formulas.  So pick your type, and when you have left over witch hazel here are a list of some other awesome uses of this mighty plant.
Many Uses for Watermelon Toner
1.  Soothe Diaper Rash (tried and true)
2. Takes sting out of bug bites
3. Soothe poison ivy and oak (hopefully won't need to try)
4. Heals bruises faster
5. Soothes razor burn for men and women
6. Soothes sunburn
7. Treats dry skin (apply directly after shower into moist skin)
8. Reduce Hemorrhoids (active ingredient in Tucks)
9. Can relieve swelling and pain associated with varicose veins
10. SHRINKS PUFFINESS UNDER EYES! (Someone tell Bill Clinton)

Love and Tulips,

Nicole from Alpharetta