Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Oil Cleansing Method

Face Cleaning with oil??...........this surely does not make sense.
The Oil Cleansing Method
I thought the same thing.  What a crazy beauty craze.  How can an oil clean my face, especially since I have oily/combination skin to begin with?  Well, I have been schooled!  This is a method I have been obsessing about for a few months now.  I read an article recently about how the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) is a great way to clean your face and keep it moisturized without that tight dry feeling of a typical cleanser with harsh ingredients that can strip your face of essential oils.  So, I tried it and I am in love.  Let me start by saying it was a rocky road to get to this place but after using the method for several weeks I can't imagine going back. 

There are many variations to the OCM but the best part is that it works on all skin types. Your first step is to find the right combination of oils.  This process can take some time and tweaking of your formula but the end result is totally worth it.  The basic premise of this method is that oil dissolves oil, so if you use the right combination of oils to cleanse your skin you will replace the oils clogging your pores with dirt and bacteria with new natural beneficial oils that will protect and nourish your skin.  Are you thinking what I am...this makes complete sense!  How is this not more widely known?
The Oil Cleansing Method
I have read numerous stories of women touting the benefits of the OCM on line.  Many claim that this process has helped to clear acne related problems, rosacea, blackheads, deep rooted whiteheads, dry flaky skin, skin issues related to pregnancy, and the list goes on and on.  
So how do you create your cleanser?  This is the great part, it is so super easy.  The most common types of oils to use are castor, olive, almond, jojoba, sunflower, safflower or really any natural oil that you prefer. You will want to make sure that the oils you are using are all cold pressed, natural, and organic.
Like I said, you will need to find the formula that works for you but this will be a good starting point.  Additionally, if you are going to use Castor oil, be sure to dilute it.  You never want to use it on its own on your skin.  Castor oil is a natural astringent and will remove impurities from your skin.  You will want to combine it with something moisturizing in about a 2-1 ratio. So let's get started.
What you will need:
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  • I have oily & combination skin and my preferred mix is 1/4 Castor oil, 3/8 almond oil, 3/8 olive oil.
  • Ok, so if you are mathematically challenged like me here is what it looks like...4 tablespoons Castor Oil, 6 tablespoons of Almond Oil, 6 tablespoons of Olive Oil. 
  • If you have oily skin the preferred mix is 1/3 Castor Oil, 2/3 Sunflower or oil of your choice. 
  • If you have dry skin you have the option of using any nourishing oils with a small amount of Castor Oil.

 What to do:
When starting out, I would suggest using this process everyday for at least two weeks.  For many users of this method the first week can be a bit hairy...the new process can cause your skin to react causing breakouts.  Don't be alarmed, this is just your skin ridding itself of all the impurities and general "yuck" that it has been holding onto, almost like a facial detox. This is the step when "amazing" starts to happen!
The easiest time to do this is in the shower but since we all don't shower twice a day you will have to practice while at the sink.  Eventually you will find your stride and it will be easily integrated into your morning and nighttime routine. 
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First, you will need to have your product available.  I use a small bottle that can be purchased at your local general merchandise store like a Target to hold my cleanser oil.  You will also need a clean washcloth or micro-fiber cloth that will be your wet cloth as well as a hand towel to use dry.
Now your ready to go.  Start with a dry face, add a quarter size drop of the cleansing oil to your palm.  Using your hands, massage the oils onto your face.  You will want to apply the oils onto your face paying particular attention to your areas of concern.  For me it is the T-zone to attract all that gunk from the blackheads and large pores.  This should take about 1-2 minutes.  The massaging process will create heat in the oil.  The heat will help your cleanser oil penetrate your pores. Now you will want to wet your wash cloth in hot water (as hot as you can stand).  The goal is to create some steam.  Lay the cloth directly on your face and hold it there.  At this point, you are trying to use the steam to pull out the remaining impurities from your pores.  Leave the cloth on your face for another 1-2 minutes.  You can then use the same cloth to remove any excess oil from your face.  There will be a thin layer of oil left on your face but the good part about this is that you will likely not need to add any moisturizer. Note:  If you do this in the shower, be sure to thoroughly wipe down the floor of the shower to prevent any accidents due to oil rinsing to the bottom of the shower stall.  
The other really cool result from this method is that it's a  fantastic make up remover.  I have yet to use a store bought remover, even for mascara! 
Let us know if you try this method and what you think.  What formulations are working for you?
Love and Tulips,
Amanda from Irvine