Friday, July 5, 2013

6 Fab Summer Reads

Z is a great summer read
My favorite summer read-The Casual Vacancy
My favorite author Heather Wardell
My favorite summer read is On The Island
Best Summer Read is the Paris Wife
For all the associates that work in Retail-Retail Hell

It's Fourth of July weekend...are you at a beach relaxing??? Ok I'm not either, but what's wrong with a glass of wine and a great book to kick off this long Holiday weekend. Here are 6 fabulous reads recommended by my sister and I.

Z a Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by: Theresa Anne Fowler
Ok, think real life Great Gatsby! Zelda is an amazing journey of Southern belle Zelda Sayre and the often scandalous love between her and F. Scott Fitzgerald. It portrays the couple from the beginning of their relationship through the jet setting days with fabulously rich celebrity friends. Who exactly is Zelda, and can she find an identity through her famous husband? You will be eagerly turning the pages of this bestseller. (Nicole Recommended)

Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by: Heather Wardell
This is my favorite author at the moment.  She has a series called the Toronto series and they all are such great reads.  Really well written and they pull you right into the story every time.  There are 9 books in the series, but you really don't have to read them in order.  It's more about characters that are in several books but the story lines generally don't cross.  I first found Heather with her free book called "Love, Life and a Polar Bear Tattoo".  I can't pick a favorite, I have read everything Heather has published and have never been disappointed!  They are great summer reads.  You can find her at, you can also get the free e-book here as well. (Amanda Recommended)

The Casual Vacancy by: J.K.Rowling
I'm a little embarrassed to admit this....but, I have not read ANY Harry Potter books.  Not a single one! I figured maybe when my kids come of age I'll read with them??  That's my excuse anyway, but I Loved J.K. Rowling's first "adult" book!! Now it is long and there is a lot of characters, but stay with it! It takes place in an idyllic English village.  However, you will soon find out that the characters are anything but idyllic.  Secrets and lies surround this proper town and they are only unraveled by the sudden death of one of it's prominent figures.  It is one of those books that you are sad when it's over because you feel like you know these people! (Nicole Recommended)

On The Island by: Tracey Garvis-Graves
This easy summer read is about a teacher that takes a job tutoring for a family.  The family takes her with them on their family vacation to the Maldives.  The boy whom she is to tutor is in no mood for a teacher, especially while having to be on vacation with his family.  As the plane is en-route to the Maldives a tragic accident causes the plan to crash.  The teacher and the boy are adrift at sea.  The story takes you on the journey of the days that lead into months while the boy turns into a man.  This one made me laugh and cry, I loved every minute of this read! (Amanda Recommended)

The Paris Wife by: Paula Mclain
Be swept away to 20's Paris and the rest of Europe with this evocative novel of Ernest Hemingway and first wife Hadley Richardson.  I became obsessed and literally wanted to name on of my kids Hadley, but that's for another time.  See Hemingway through the eyes of one of his first loves and be moved how Hadley deals with Ernest's celebrity friends, hard-drinking and womanizing ways. This could be the greatest novel that Ernest never wrote. (Nicole Recommended) 

Retail Hell by: Freeman Hall
This one is for anyone that has ever worked a day in retail.  I of course have a long history in retail and I cried out loud with this one, I literally laughed the entire way through.  Freeman recounts his story with all the horrors of working in a high end department store.  The customers, the employees and even his supervisors.  This one is a masterpiece!! (Amanda Recommended)

Still confused about what to read? Check out  It's a pretty cool website that holds a recommendation engine.  Enter the books you have read and rate them.  The site will choose books that suit your taste.  Books ratings are right there along with a sample of the book!  Happy Holiday Weekend!

Love and Tulips,
Nicole & Amanda