Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's inside my Handbag? It's a handbag spill!

Ever wonder what's inside someone's Bag?  I do it all the time, I think what you keep in your bag tells quite a bit about you.  
Today, I was doing my usual weekly clean and thought I would share what's inside my bag....
1.  The Bag's a beauty if I can say so!  It is quite possibly the best summer bag currently available.  It's the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Preppy Nylon Natasha" crossbody bag.  It has the signature logo plaque on the front which I love and tons of storage space because it has zippers everywhere and a cute luggage tag where I keep my business cards!  It is available in a few colors including a light grey which I love but I of course went for the black.  I purchased mine at Nordstrom but it is also available at

2.  My make-up is usually in and out of my bag so I keep it separate from everything else in this vintage LV zippered case.  It is circa 1990 (maybe??) and has traveled between my sister and I for years!

3.  My Michael Kors wallet is a fav of mine because I can always find it!  You know how a large black bag eats everything...well not this wallet.  It's the perfect size to hold credit cards, cash (Let's be honest, I never have any of that!), change (I usually have this but never use it...does anyone?) and receipts!!  This specific wallet is no longer available but there are styles for this season in metallic available at as well as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Macy's.  If you have a Michael Kors outlet near you, check them out as well.  Some of the styles are available only at the outlets and the prices are usually within your budget.

4.  Compact round brush-I love this tiny travel brush because it folds up so the bristles don't snag the inside of my bag and it has a small mirror inside for those quick peeks at your gorgeous self!

5.  Band-Aides are a must if you are anything like me.  I buy the larger size so they fit on my heels when those blisters decide to pop up.  It's summer and getting used to new sandals or wedges can cause foot havoc!

6.  Mint Mentos are my go to breath freshener.  They are a staple and I buy in bulk.

7.  Kind Bar-I always keep a snack handy as I can be a crazy person if I am hungry!  These bars are lower in calories, higher in protein and taste amazing.  I love the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew.

8.  Kardashian Kollection Sunglasses-I can not be trusted with expensive sunglasses!  I forget them, lose them, sit on them, and once dropped them right off of my face into the water while on a boat...seriously!!  These glasses are always on trend, always on sale and last for the whole season.  I have several pair of the Kardashian glasses but am wearing these right now.  I like how they are a matte black finish and have not really seen this look except on expensive glasses.  I get the look I want and don't have to spend a fortune.  Kardashian Kollection is available at

9.  Business Cards-Always travel with your cards, you never know who you will run into!

10.  Pucker Pots!!!  You didn't think I would have a couple of pots?  Of course, my favorites right now are from our California Dreaming Tulip's Pack, the Sun Protection and the After Sun with aloe pucker pots.
Sun Protection Lip Balm and After Sun Lip Balm
11.  Oil Blotting Pads from 24/7,  I get them from Ulta.  They are for sensitive skin and don't have a powder so I don't get that weird white look like some other brands have.  I also really like the pads from Shiseido

12.  Revlon Nail File-I love the metal files for quick fixes on the run.  It makes fast work of a broken nail without all the dust.  These are not the preferred file so if you are doing a proper mani at home be sure to use an emory board with a buffer.

13.  Hair clip and elastic bands-while I don't usually style may hair in a clip or pony tail during the day, I always have options available.  If it's a gorgeous day and the windows need to be down, the clip comes in handy and won't leave any marks/dents in my hair.  Goody makes the best selection of hair accessories and all are usually under $10 and come in multi-packs.

Lip Balm, Lip Stick, Hand Cream and face wipes
14.  Burts Bees Pre-moistened Towelettes.  These are a life saver for me.  I have very sensative eyes and if I go too long with makeup around my eyes they start to burn.  I keep these handy to cleanse my face in an emergency.  They smell fantastic and are 99% natural.

15.  Since I have sensitive eyes, I can't always wear eye make-up so I try to add a pop of color to my lips.  I don't usually spend my make-up budget on lip color because I always seem to be changing that often with the trends and the season.  My two favorites right now are from Revlon.  Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Rendezvous (Melon and Orange are right on trend for summer).  Both are under $11 and available just about everywhere from Target and Ulta to your local grocery store. 

16.  Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream-This is a glycerin based formula with camphor.  I love the smell and it is amazing on your cuticles.  It is available at Sephora for $16.  A bit pricey for the small size but a little goes a long way with this one.

Love and Tulips,
Amanda from Irvine