Friday, June 28, 2013

What 5 Shoes Describe You?

So what are the 5 shoes that Define you?  Well for my sister and I we are polar opposites. Her "the need shoes to live" type and I the wear shoes well because you have to! My sister has a shoe paradise at her house. My kids beg to put them on when they visit. She literally craves a good shoe, and when she gets a goodie she has several colors of the same one!  I on the other hand have a couple pairs laying around.  I do however like to buy good quality shoes and wear them to death. They last longer than cheepies and I don't have to think about shoe shopping for awhile.  

Amanda What Shoes Define You?
 The Show-Stopper:  Christian Louboutin's Bianca Spikes.  I can't think of anything more glamorous and dreamy than a pair of Red Bottoms, can you?  I must admit, I do own one pair and they are like my treasures.  I like to wear them around the house and just stare at how beautiful they make my feet look....I know, it's totally vapid, but I truly honestly love them!!  If I were to somehow procure another pair, these would be the ones. 

Best Shoes for hitting the town

 The Cute but Appropriate:  TOMS are my absolute favorite for work during the summer.  And, it's a purchase you can feel good about!  The Natural Zebra Zag Strappy Wedge is super comfortable.  I would wear this style as a neutral with my wardrobe.  

Best Shoes for the working girl in the summer

Hitting the get it:  The quintessential Southern California flip flop is from Rainbow.  It's a classic leather flip flop, great with your bathing suit, a pair of short, jeans and even a cute summer sun dress.  You can't go wrong! 

Best Flip Flops

Happy Hour with the GirlsDolce Vita is one of my favorite brands, great unique styles for any occasion.  I LOVE  Catch which is part of the DV8 Collection.  I can imagine this one with my usual happy hour uniform if you will, skinny ankle jeans, a black tank and a black blazer (Sort of a Jennifer Aniston look with better shoes??) 

Best Shoes for a night out with the girls

Catching a Yoga Classs:  Tieks. I have seen adds for these everywhere lately.  I'm crazy for them and they would be perfect going to and from Yoga or Pilates class.  My favorite is this cute pair in tangerine, but there are literally 50 different colors to choose from.  They are a bit on the pricier side but the leather is so crazy soft.  The best part is that they fold up, so you can literally stash them in your yoga bag or even in your handbag on a night out when your tootsies start barking at you.  (Like, I am sure I would be begging for my Tieks after about an hour in my "Show Stopper" Loubs!  

Best all around flat, ballerina style

Nicole What Shoes Define You?
1.  Far and Few Between Date Night: I most likely will never own these, but they are gorgeous. Go Michael Kors! If I was having a date night these (or a real good knock off) would be on my feet. Love the heel and the traditional look of them. Best yet- no platform! (so over seeing that)
Traditional Pump in a non traditional look
2.  Running (Away from the kids): Mizuno Wave makes you look like you know what you are doing! Awesome bright colors and a super comfy fit make this the right running shoe.  What I love best is how small your foot looks. Some running shoes make your feet look like 2 boats, not these!
Best Running Shoes
3.  Rain or Not: You can't look cooler in a pair of Hunters. Don't contemplate the price. You will love them and want to wear them any chance you get. I am so getting these awesome burnt orange ones!

Best Welly

4.  The Fall/Winter Uniform: I want these to be my uniform, but may need to wait for a really good sale! I love flats. Super easy to wear with anything and a punch of color makes a boring outfit look superb. These Sigerson Morrison Bottle flats in Indaco Blue are tops! For winter they also make it in darker and neutral colors.

Best year round flat
5.  The Summer Uniform: Vince Camuto makes super trendy and SUPER comfortable shoes. I am a flat lover and these Ebi Sandals in Platino color fit the bill. They go with anything and the color looks great on a tan.

Best Gladiator Sandal
What shoes would be in your 5?

Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta