Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Review of Wine for the Summer
The kids are already out of school here in the South. They have been out for 3 days to be exact. 3 long days of parks, pools, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, blah, blah, blah.... When do they go back again?  
Every summer I say that I will be more organized, more prepared, but that first day off hits you like a ton of bricks! I realized over those 3 unusually long days that I am not only a caretaker, but a short order cook, nurse, and entertainment director. I feel like I run a cruise ship of fun with several small stops along the way. 
Next week will be different (god willing) when camp starts. Then I will just have to hear them complain about the Math Camp I signed them up for. (Again, not prepared and all the good camps were taken when I finally signed them up). They think it's "fun" camp, but numbers are fun right??
Cheap Rose and Sauvignon Blanc for Summer
So to get myself and everyone else out there through these long days of summer, let's "wine" about it shall we? 

Here are some awesome "cheap" wine finds that have been tried and tested and are sure to make even a Math Camp seem interesting.
Delicious Light Summer Rose
What inspired me (as if I need a push to try wine) was this article in Women's Health. Not only are the wines featured "Summery" they are also CHEAP, and who doesn't love that. I love a good Pinot Noir, but summer to me screams White or Rose wines. I chose a couple of each and am sharing my findings with you.

  • The first is Domaine Houchart Cotes du Provence Rose, very beautiful antique-like bottle and labeling, great to bring to a party, or as a hostess gift. The wine itself is a very pale pink. It is lively and fresh with a hint of berry. Definitely reminds you of a beautiful summer evening. Good amount of crispness without added sweetness. Love It and it is bottled in France!
  • The next one I picked was Starborough Sauvignon Blanc. The bottle invokes summer with it's beautiful shades of green. It reminds me of sipping it while playing croquet on the lawn, or hanging out on my driveway. Either way, very subtle flavor and with citrus flavor undertones. Would be great with fish/salad. Also an import from New Zealand!    Delicious cheap summer wines
  •  Now there is one wine that if I don't mention will come back to haunt me. Nearly everyone in my little Southern pocket drinks this. It appears by the gallon at every ladies wine night... Apothic RedWell for summer the winemakers of this California wine have a Limited Release of Apothic Rose. The labeling is goth gorgeous with roses and scrolling. The wine itself is a deep crimson red color which lends to its blend of Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.  While it does looks springy and beautiful, I can't lie it is incredibly sweet. My friends and I were a bit disappointed at the sweetness. Unfortunately will be kept on my counter for the beautiful bottle only!
Delicious Wines
  • The last perfect summer wine I chose was from Middle Sister and is properly titled Drama Queen Pinot Grigio. I bought it on first glance. LOVE the labeling very kitschy. Not a huge Pinot Grigio drinker, but gave it a shot. It is described as smelling of apples and pears, which it did. Loved that the taste was not overly sweet. Also, it didn't have that "oaky" taste which I feel a lot of Pinot's do. I give it a big thumbs up and will definitely be at my next party. They also have a very humorous blog you may want to check out.
Now the best part....all these wines featured are under $10.  So "Wine" away!

Love and Tulips,
Nicole from Alpharetta