Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tulips Apothecary Is Born

It all started in the land where it seems all good ideas are formed, the land where simple or crazy ideas somehow morph into something genius after a few too many cocktails are consumed in the waning afternoon sun.  It's the land where sequins are appropriate in the middle of the day.  Where a $14 Bloody Mary with bacon, small sausages, shrimp, a sirloin, and a full veggie salad is considered a "good" lunch (I was kidding about the sirloin, but it got you thinking...right!).  Yes, the land I speak of is Vegas and this time what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.

So here is what you need to know, we are
Tulips Apothecary.  And the "We" in this venture is made up of my sister and I and as you probably guessed...we spent a few days in Vegas!  My sister is a corporate chick living in Irvine, CA...La La Land as I like to call it!  She is married with two furry, barking babies and is constantly on the go with work.  Always flying here and there.  As for me, I am a married stay-at-home momma of three small ones living in Alpharetta, GA...Domestic Goddess as my sister likes to call it!  
You are probably curious to know how I made a Vegas weekend work with three small one under 6 years of age? I don't really know, but lucky for me my courageous hubby documented the weekend on Facebook! So a girls weekend in Vegas it was and at least I have one pic to prove I was there... 

At the "Palms" pool after check-in.

Somewhere over the course of the weekend (between eating, drinking, shopping, drinking, gambling, and more drinking…sorry Mom) we were complaining of the dry desert air.

We were literally fighting over the 1 oz. hotel lotion bottle! We were asking the same questions...How does anyone live here? I feel lie I can't breathe!  Why is my skin scaling before my very eyes?  How did I lose my voice?  Where are my eyes drops? Why are my lips falling off? (It couldn't be dehydration from drinking champagne for breakfast?)  Where is the lip balm!!!!????

Now don't get me wrong we have always been lip balm freaks (my sister has a tube or tin in every handbag, random drawers in her house, several melted ones in the car, in her work bag, in every suitcase, and probably her own lip balm store in her office).  We are obsessed with the smell, texture, and packaging of the product....remember your first small tub of Carmex...ugh, we fell in love! If we found a goodie one of us would always call the other to share the good news!

No cost was too great to get the perfect lip pucker.  Somewhere in between hotel shopping and slot machines our idea was sprung! My sister thinks it happened over a Champagne cocktail and quarter video just may have!  We can and should make our own lip balm!

Something that would satisfy even the snootiest lip balm connoisseurs! I mean my sis does live in Southern California....just kidding (sort of).  Let's make a product that contains as many natural ingredients as possible.  Let's put it in the containers we love and sell it to the masses.  Let's create scents that invigorate the senses and cure the relentless chapping.  Let's HELP the women of Las Vegas...and the World!!!  Alright, so that's probably a bit on the dramatic side, but you get the point.  We are seriously committed to bringing you the highest quality, most natural, and best looking lip balm you can find.  Our recipes have been tested and tweaked to ensure perfection.  Were so very proud of our new product and can't wait to hear from you.

And that my new friends, in a nutshell is the beginning....two sisters, two lips, Tulips Apothecary.

Love and Tulips,

Nicole from Alpharetta