Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grapefruit Goodness

It's Wednesday......not the best day of the week. The coffee was out, the kids were crabby, so what better day than today to whip up a batch of the Sour Puss Pucker Pots! Now I am not a huge fan of eating actual grapefruit. Yes, I know it's good for you and the benefits from the vitamins are amazing, but every time I buy a grapefruit my family and I just watch it slowly rot away in the fruit bowl... too afraid to touch the sour bitterness of it all.

There is however the gorgeous color and sweet smell of the grapefruit that I love. Which inspires me to create the same in our Sour Puss Pucker Pot. Sweet citrus notes without the hint of sour and a beautiful pink grapefruit color to boot!

Citrus reminds me of a clean scent. Which also reminds me of the cleaning that needs to be done in my house after three kiddos lay their sticky paws everywhere. To make my cleaning more enjoyable. I decided to try a product new to me J.R. Watkins Lemon Natural All Purpose Cleaner. I was really interested to see if I would be in citrus euphoria after using it and if it could change the crabby kids into angels! 

I, like most people, am trying to use more natural products in the home, especially since my 17 month old monster has an affinity for playing in the toilets!! I really like the packaging. It is the traditional J.R. Watkins design with it's detailed antique-styled labeling. The bottle looks expensive and french-ish. It comes in  5 different scents: Grapefruit, Aloe & Green Tea, Lavender, Lemon and Orange. I chose Lemon, only because grapefruit was long sold out. I had to look at J.R. Watkin's main site to see if it was safe on granite countertops,  and it was! The scent was amazing. Cleaned the sticky grime off my kitchen countertops in seconds. Left an awesome streak free finish and shine. For being 99.74% natural I was impressed. So much so that I moved on to clean the dreaded bath.

I was most impressed on price. I usually spend WAY too much on those flimsy granite wipes in the can. I end up using about 10 wipes to get the streak free look I want just to have a little person slap down a drippy sippy cup.  However, just a couple squirts of this All Purpose Cleaner on a microfiber cloth and I was satisfied. The price is awesome too...24 oz. for $4.99.  Can't beat that, so I also threw in my cart an equally pleasing and beautiful bottle of their Grapefruit Hand Soap. Looks great in the kitchen and has a juicy grapefruit scent that might make my kids wash their sticky paws.

Happy Cleaning Wednesday!

Love and Tulips,

Nicole from Alpharetta